The beginning of living your best life.

In a world of social media and phone addiction, it's hard to escape comparing yourself to other people and wanting the things they have, the clothes they wear and the life they have.
I'm almost a bit of a hypocrite. I scroll through Instagram, wishing I were the people on my screen. I used to think like this all of the time. I used to wonder and wish what my life would be if I had the riches to live the kind of lifestyle you see on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every hour of the day.
Then I realised something. A few things in fact.
No. 1; That kind of life, the material things, the clothes, the food and everything else doesn't have to cost that much money. If I thought about how I went about it little harder. 
No.2; That kind of life, isn't going to be the only thing that will make me happy. It would sure help! But it's not going to be the only thing.
From 20 I always wanted to live the luxury lifestyle. I always wanted it to happen right there an then. You quick…